SHISHI's news corner

SHISHI was born Nov-14-2021! 
... and it is "low risk": CoinSniper



SHISHI's contract successfully created



SHISHI's website online


VB's tokens sent
initial burn completed 
team tokens allocated
airdrop tokens prepared

Airdrop test

Test of airdrop function for future airdrops successful (airdrop used for team token allocation)

SHISHI is live!

PancakeSwap Liquidity pool created
Liquidity locked with Mudra Locker
Ownership renounced


SHISHI's Twitter account 
created Dec-5-2021
Twitter airdrop announced
50,000,000,000,000 SHISHI burned Jan-07-2022


Top 100 holder airdrop

Snaphot for SHISHI'S Top 100 holder airdrop will be taken Jan-23-2022 - more info here.

What's ahead?

Who knows?
Need more info? ➤ Roadmap

SHIBA SHIT (SHISHI) - 完全で完全な芝のたわごと


SHIBA SHIT (SHISHI) - 完全で完全な芝のたわごと is most certainly not a decentralised community experiment.
SHISHI was created at a time when a multitude of Shiba and dog tokens in general was created, many of them scams or fishy projects. SHISHI was created as a joke as the total opposite. Its liquidity is locked long term and it will not be abandoned quickly just to create the next project.
SHISHI has so far no purpose but to make fun of those Shiba and dog tokens, especially the ones that claim to have a much bigger purpose or use case. SHISHI does not fool possible investors by making huge promises that then will not be kept. The website was created before trading went live.
SHISHI is proud to accept it is a shit token and does not claim to be more than it actually is.
SHISHI made just two promises in the beginning, and they have already been kept:
1) More than 91% of SHISHI's supply was to the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap and locked for 3 years. 
2) Only 1% of the total supply was allocated to the team before locking liquidity.

SHISHI tokenmetrics

SHISHI total supply

Who wants to live forever?

Shibas have an average life expectancy of about 11 - 16 years.

Don't shit where you eat.

Shibas need to defecate on average 1.5 times per day during their lives.

Winter, spring, summer and fall ...

The average number of days in a year is 365.2422 according to NASA.

Let's calculate!

That leaves us at about 8765.8128 times a Shiba's owner needs the poop scoop.

Only 8765.8128 SHISHI total supply? Sounds shockingly little - even though SHISHI's 18 decimals would allow more than sufficient divisibility. 
On the other hand only 8765.8128 SHISHI might leave us at a scary initial price level for 1 SHISHI, which might deter the many people who sadly only look at the price of a single token but not at total supply, market cap or fully diluted valuation.
So let's calculate some more:
1st step: Moving the decimal point 4 digits to the right leaves us at 87,658,128 SHISHI.  
Better, but still not enough - SHISHI total supply needs another boost. Why? All those Shibas and Inus out their, their whole families, especially the babies - no, actually whole armies - need to shit. A mere 87,658,128 SHISHI just won't do. Seriously? Truth be told, SHISHI simply needs a higher total supply in order to look even cheaper - the more zeros to "kill", the better. That brings us to the
2nd step: Adding more zeros to SHISHI's total supply.
Let's add some. What about 7 zeros? Done! Total supply: 876,581,280,000,000 SHISHI, still 18 decimals.

SHISHI allocation

31,011,994 SHISHI were sent to VB's wallet as a token of appreciation - even though SHISHI is on BSC. As VB does not want large amounts of tokens we decided to send only about 0.000003537834% of SHISHI's total supply to VB. We thought it might be a nice idea to send an amount of tokens to VB that can be interpreted as his birthday while on the other hand we just could not let the opportunity pass to somehow include VB in our tokenmetrics.

A total of 1,587,340,800 SHISHI was burned to a dead wallet. This amount equals approximately 0.000181083128% of SHISHI's total supply.
We roughly calculated the number of seconds Elon Musk has spent on earth from his birth until Oct-15-2021 (when the idea for SHISHI was born) and decided this number to be the number of burned tokens. We strongly believe that adding some reference - no matter how stupid - to Elon Musk helps a token a great deal.

The first 50 people who follow SHISHI and retweet one of SHISHI's posts and provide a valid wallet address will receive 1,000,000,000,000 SHISHI each. This first airdrop will total 50,000,000,000,000 SHISHI or about 5.703977616314% of SHISHI's total supply.
Please note that neither SHISHI's Twitter account has been created yet nor has the time frame for the airdrop been set. The airdrop will only take place if at least 50 people participate, otherwise the full amount of 50,000,000,000,000 SHISHI will be burned. 
Airdrop to take place around Jan-12-2022 (deadline for meeting the requirements Jan 7) in case at least 50 people participate, see Twitter for further info.
The SHISHI reserved for the 1st and 2nd airdrop were put into a separate wallet after contract creation.
(Un)fortunately there were by far not enough participants for the airdrop so the full amount of 50,000,000,000,000 SHISHI was burned.

A total of 20,000,000,000,000 SHISHI (about 2.281591046526% of total supply) will be airdropped to 10 randomly selected TOP100 SHISHI holders, each holder receiving 2,000,000,000,000 SHISHI.
Team member's wallet addresses will not be applicable for random selection.
Snapshot will be done Jan-23-2022 - airdrop to follow some time later within a few days.

The team only received 2,191,453,200,000 SHISHI (0.25% of total supply) each.
The whole amount of team tokens is 8,765,812,800,000 SHISHI, equalling 1% of total supply.

The vast majority of SHISHI, in total 797.813.848.847.206 SHISHI or about 91.014246716198% of SHISHI's total supply will be locked in the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap for a period of at least 3 years (until Nov-28-2024) using Mudra Locker.
What happens when the lock period is over? In the still unlikely case that SHISHI experiences active trading in 3 years, the liquidity will just be kept inside the pool, maybe even locked for another year, 2 years, a longer period or indefinitely. In the unfortunately more likely case that SHISHI will be dead by then, the original liquidity will be removed when the locking period is over. Liquidity will then be removed in several steps, not all at once. In this case it might be a good idea to sell your SHISHI before SHISHI' liquidity starts kicking the bucket Nov-28-2024. Or maybe SHISHI will not be dead by then - maybe, just maybe.

SHISHI functions

None. Not to current holders. Not to liquidity pool. Not to dev pool. Not to any other wallet. 

0% of transactions will be burned.


No. In fact, no functions at all. 100% of SHISHI paid for will be received. Let's keep it simple. The gigantic total supply itself should be confusing enough.

The ownership was renounced Nov-27-2021.

SHISHI basics

total supply: 876,581,280,000,000 SHISHI
decimals: 18 
chain: BSC
contract address: 0x9Cc3453845f76B044585827b5C20db7e5cc68E57
contract on BscScan
token tracker on BscScan
liquidity pool (PancakeSwap V2) on BscScan
That's all. No videos, no tutorials.

SHISHI roadmap

Links will become available after a step is completed.
We have full time jobs, hobbies, lives and no hurry.
🍀  = done and verification provided
🍅  = planned and probable or at least possible
🦃  = Not planned but who knows?
🦃  = Who are you kidding?


Contract creation

🍀  contract address: 0x9Cc3453845f76B044585827b5C20db7e5cc68E57
contract on BscScan


SHISHI allocation

🍀  VB's tokens: transaction on BscScan - 🍀  initial burn: transaction on BscScan 
🍀  team tokens: transaction on BscScan - addresses: Bernie - Dalia - Chewy - Inushi
🍀  airdrop wallet: transaction on BscScan - address on BscScan 
🍀  PancakeSwap V2 liquidity pool - creation on BscScan - pool address on BscScan

SHISHI security

🍀  liquidity locked with Mudra Locker for 3 years: certificate
🍀  contract ownership renounced: transaction on BscScan

SHISHI socials

🍀  Twitter:
🍀  Telegram:
🦃  other socials: maybe, maybe not

SHISHI airdrops

🍀  1st "airdrop" (burn* on BscScan
🍅  2nd airdrop

SHISHI holders

🍀  1 holder - 🍀  10 holders - 🍀  100 holders - 🦃  1.000 holders - 🦃  10.000 holders - 🦃  100.000 holders
🦃  1.000.000 holders - 🦃 10.000.000 holders - 🦃  100.000.000 holders - 🦃 holders

SHISHI whitepaper

🦃  probably no whitepaper ever, no woofpaper nor pooppaper either 

SHISHI listings

🦃  CoinGecko - 🦃  Coinmarketcap

SHISHI exchanges

🦃  Binance - 🦃  Coinbase - 🦃  Kraken

Satellites, planets and Pluto for SHISHI

🦃  moon - 🦃  Mars - 🦃  Jupiter - 🦃  Ganymede - 🦃  Saturn - 🦃  Uranus - 🦃  Neptune - 🦃  Pluto

* The airdrop did not take place due to too few participants. Instead the burn took place as announced.

White paper

White paper is available at various retail locations, e.g. your local stationer. If you prefer to buy online, you can find a nice selection here.


not really frequently asked ...

We are. Sad you haven't noticed by now.
The creation of SHISHI was done just for fun. 

Everything on the blockchain stays - no matter if it is alive or dead.
Unlike the websites of many recently created shit tokens SHISHI's website will not disappear after just a few days and maybe a sharp price drop due to pulled liquidity.

"Don't make promises that you can't keep."

While having the same pronunciation, SHISHI and "chichi" (in Portuguese) or "xixi" (in Brazilian Portuguese) are clearly not the same. For more info, do your own research.

Most likely not in the literal sense. 
Looking at the tiny potential we expected, SHISHI has already almost been to the moon after a few hours but has come back to earth quite a bit since then. Let's see if it will ever go anywhere near the moon - would be nice but we doubt it very much.

Our liquidity pool will initially equal 10 BNB, that is true. This liquidity will be locked for three years. We do not really believe SHISHI will be a success so liquidity will probably be withdrawn gradually (not all at once) starting late 2024. We guess that there might be worse investments than just putting 10 BNB on hold for three years. 
Unlike so many other new tokens, we want to be transparent and therefore state this fact from the very beginning.
Need more info? ➤ SHISHI allocation

Not at all. It may be a joke, but it is not a scam.

We do not recommend buying any shit token. So no, probably you should not buy SHISHI. If you decide to buy SHISHI anyway, buy at your own risk, do your own research. We do not and will not provide any additional information or tutorials on how to buy.

Just as a joke. We created SHISHI at a time when a multitude of new dog-themed shit tokens were created. Unlike most of them, SHISHI is proud to accept and even pronounce it is total shit while at the same time SHISHI's rug won't be gone in a matter of days and vanish into thin air.

Nope. No info at all except fake names and dog images.

Only in the very unlikely case of SHISHI's great and lasting success, we will think about prospective further projects:

Has been done, see news corner.

Final thoughts

SHISHI was added to PancakeSwap Nov-27-2021. A few investors bought immediately after the trading pair was live, more when liquidity was locked. Even a Telegram channel was created without our knowledge.
Many people obviously bought SHISHI just because it was new and some have since been selling at a loss. 
While we admit that we never expected over 200 buyers in the first minutes and hours of SHISHI's life - we did not expect any at all - the following few hours have shown a lot of sales, again leaving some people with less than they paid when they bought in. 
We applied for SHISHI's listing on CoinGecko after the rush during the first few hours. However, we do not think the listing is actually going to happen.
Things slowed down a lot after Nov-27-2021. In spite of all that, we have grown fond of SHISHI and would appreciate if potential buyers view it as a joke as well. SHISHI and its team do not want anybody to lose larger amounts of money on a joke. If you really decide to buy SHISHI, please keep that in mind and think about buying small amounts - just like the few buyers that have come in after the crazy first hours. The team will not abandon it (the airdrops will go through as planned) and we also did not sell any of our small holdings in our developers' wallets. 

In the new year 2022 SHISHI picked up a little (so it is still not dead) but still things are kind of slow. Let's see what the future holds. We will maybe even go for some more marketing as long as it is within the values of our team and token not to fool possible investors by making huge promises that then turn out to be nothing but words.

We generally recommend extreme caution when investing in crypto as the market is very volatile, especially compared to many other, more conservative investment forms.  
We can not recommend investing in any shit coin - and SHISHI most definitely is one. Actually, SHISHI is not even a coin, just a token as most shit "coins", even though some of these shit tokens actively call themselves coins!
We suggest never to invest money (FIAT currency) you need or may need at any time in the future in shit coins (or tokens), do not even invest money you need or may need at any time in the future in any crypto. 
Always be aware of the laws concerning crypto in your country. This does not only include the question of the general legality of owning, selling and buying crypto, it also includes related topics like taxation laws on crypto earnings. 
We caution you to be extremely careful when handling crypto in wallets or on exchanges. Do not hand your seed phrase, private keys or passwords to anybody and do not lose them: "Your keys, your crypto."


The content of this website is intended for informational purposes only. You should not construe any information given as financial, investment or any other kind of advice. The information on this website must not be construed as a recommendation or endorsement to buy SHISHI.
Buying and/or selling crypto may be illegal in your country or become illegal some time in the future. In case you buy or sell SHISHI after all, please observe your country's laws on crypto in general as well as the laws on other areas affected by buying and selling crypto, such as taxation.
Links are provided as a convenience, for informational purposes and as jokes. They do not constitute an endorsement or an approval of the products, services or opinions of the corporation, organization or individual. We bear no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.
Please remember, SHISHI is SHIBA SHIT.